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Welcome to the Blue Knights Alumni Page!

The Blue Knights Alumni Association is a growing group of former Blue Knights members. Our active members range from recent age-outs to vets from the '60s. We were formed in the summer of 2001 by a small group of alumni who finally addressed two real problems:

  1. The Blue Knights regularly needs a lot of little jobs done.
  2. Life is way too short to only hang out with your drum corps friends once a year.

The Blue Knights have been struggling to stay afloat for some time now. We realized that there were several small jobs that were either not getting done, or the same dedicated few people were getting burned out performing those jobs. By simply organizing corps alumni we have helped to fill in these gaps and also give some good people some much deserved breaks. And at the same time we get to see our BK friends and family several times a year, rather than just annually at Drums Along The Rockies.

We all love the corps and our corps family. We all treasure the gifts that the corps gave us when we were members. But most of all, we all want to give back to the corps so that more kids can continue to have the kinds of experiences that we've had. The corps needs our help, but really, we're here because we need the corps.