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Bingo Volunteers Needed

The number one need for support is in the bingo area. The Corps gets about 40% of their budget from bingo. We run two sessions of bingo each week - Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening. We can use anyone over the age of 14 to work these sessions. To schedule a work session, contact one of the individuals below. Or, use our website to find an open session and sign up now.

Tuesday Evenings: 7:30 PM Game (Report Time: 6:00 PM)
Wednesday Evenings: 7:30 PM Game (Report Time: 6:00 PM)
Location: Bingo Co (map)
6520 Wadsworth
Arvada, CO 80003
Contact: Janie HammanPhone: (303) 957-6934

Rules For Bingo Workers

  1. If a conflict and you cannot work the session assigned, YOU must find a replacement AND YOU must notify the game manager of the change.
  2. Report for work on time and be prepared to stay until the end of the session, or until excused by the game manager. If you will be late, call the bingo hall and either speak with the game manager or leave a message with the guard. DO NOT leave a message with the scheduler.
  3. Failure to work when scheduled or to find a suitable replacement will result in the loss of 2 fundraising projects. Leaving before the session ends will result in loss of credit for the session.
  4. Dress neatly (jeans & t-shirt ok) - preferably in something to mark you as a Blue Knights supporter, such as t-shirt, etc. Please don't wear clothes you cannot work in effortlessly.

Please, if you can help out with the bingo sessions, we need your help! Try not to think of bingo as a burden but as one of the ways you can support the Corps with your volunteer time.