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Blue Knights Booster Club

The Blue Knights Boosters are the volunteer support group for the Corps. We supply the manpower to do any job needed to support the Corps. This can include sewing, cooking, construction, vehicle maintenance, working bingo, or just about anything else you can think of that needs to be done to get and keep 128 members on the road for tour.

The Booster board tries to have a representative at all Corps camps and at all other function to be available to answer questions you might have relating to the Booster organization.

Please watch the monthly camp notices and the newsletters for functions that the Boosters will be conducting to help encourage participation in the Booster organization.

If at any time you have questions about the Booster organization please contact any of the Board Members listed below.

Board of Directors:

PresidentGreg Andersen(303) 282-0565gchristian51@mac.com
Vice PresidentYvonne Greenbaum(303) 940-3367ygcolorado@aol.com
SecretaryCarolyn Nelson(303) 457-2560piccolo1980@aol.com
Corps DirectorMark Arnold(303) 777-1937mark@bknights.org


for more information on any of the following committees, contact the chairperson
listed below, or visit the Volunteer page in the Support section.

Development DirectorThelma Fung(303) 770-1555development@bknights.org
Corps Food ProgramCher Monroe(720) 936-1024Cher1965@gmail.com
Corps Food ProgramLea Anne Connelly(303) 475-0697lconnelly@hysyinc.com
HospitalityLea Anne Connelly(303) 475-0697lconnelly@hysyinc.com
Corps UniformsSandy Alexander(303) 467-7915blkdia_designs@yahoo.com
Corps UniformsYvonne Greenbaum(303) 940-3367tonka823@aol.com
TransportationGreg Andersen(303) 282-0565gchristian51@mac.com
Vehicle MaintenanceLonnie Prather(303) 777-1937lonnie@bknights.org
Member JacketsGail Hipke(303) 741-2205jghipke@comcast.net
MerchandiseDel and Dinah Owens(303) 973-05722dowens@comcast.net
On-line SouvenirsJoe Ratterman(303) 427-3586j.ratterman@comcast.net
Bingo ManagerPhyllis Ratterman(303) 427-3586j.ratterman@comcast.net
Bingo SchedulingLindsey Newnes(970) 420-6834shortstack8@gmail.com